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For those of you that don’t know (where have you been) Derren Brown predicted the lottery numbers last night. He had his chosen 6 balls in a stand which were permanently in shot while he watched the result live on TV.

You can explore many people’s theories on how he accomplished this over on Twitter. Including someone who thought he recoreded the whole thing in reverse, but how could that help. It just means he would have to have guessed the numbers right at the start of the show. Seems like a lot of effort.

I watched this last night and I was amazed.

I have now watched the video below about a million times. I agree with people commenting on YouTube that this might have been a very dissapointing split screen which in the video below gets swapped back to live streaming at around 5:40. You can see the ball furthest to the left moves up slightly, before this all the balls were perfectly in line.

I hope this is not the case. The balls are tightly packed in (I tried thinking of a less innuendotastic way of writing that, to no avail) to the holder, you can see that when he touches one at the end and another ball pops up. I’m hoping that over the 7 minutes or so that passed that one was forced up and it isn’t the old camera swap.

Anyway, how do you think Derren Brown predicted the lottery numbers?


So for some reason Laura White leaving X Factor has been getting a stupid amount of publicity. Ok I admit there is no doubt she is a better singer than that Daniel chap, but is she really any good? I don’t think so. She does this really annoying thing where when she sings high she doesn’t use her natural voice, it’s like she forces it from her throat… like how I sing along with Freddy Mercury.

So yeah I think it was ok she left because I thought she was pretty pants anyway, and if Daniel has his fans of oldies who like average middle of the road crap then good on him. Do we really need people to be signing an online petition to get her back in. Tough tits I say.

What do you guys think. Was it an outrage Laura was Kicked out when Daniel is still there, not even in the bottom two? Let me know your thoughts.

Just to note, yes I do watch X Factor and I want Diana to win… she is lovely.

The old and the new Mr Muscle

The old and the new Mr Muscle

So it has been a while since we last heard from Mr Muscle. He has been off my radar for about about a year or more now. Where has he been… the gym by the looks of him… either that or the cosmetic surgeon’s office.

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So it is that time of year again, where it is freakishly dark, even though it still early, this can mean but one thing… the ghosts and monsters are about to show their faces. It’s Halloween (almost). Everyone loves dressing up for parties, or trick or treating… depending on your age and today I want to know what is your Halloween costume of choice.

Shaggy is the one in the green t-shirt

Shaggy is the one in the green t-shirt

Maybe you have a costume you always wear, or maybe you got invited to party at the last minute so you had to just go as that person you already look a bit like. Like maybe you can easily make yourself look like Shaggy not off of Mr Lova Lova mmm, but off of Scooby Doo because you already look like me… I mean him. By the way, what is with that new Scooby Doo where him and Shaggy aren’t completely useless… it’s wack.

Maybe you don’t look a bit like anyone… other than yourself and your mum maybe. So when you get invited at the last minute you have to do that thing where you gets some old (unused) toilet roll and wrap it around yourself like a proper rubbish mummy that looks even more rubbish after walking to the pub in the rain.

So yeah, what is your Halloween costume of choice and or what are you dressing up as this year. Feel free to link to pictures in my spooky Halloween special comment box.

So in a follow up to my previous post about the sexiest superheroes of all time, and with the upcoming release of the new Bond film, I ask you who is the sexiest Bond girl of all time… and who the sexiest Bond is… to keep the female readership in the loop. Ok, onto business. The options for the best Bond girl ever are…

Ursula Andress aka Honey Ryder

ursula andress dr no white bikini

Ursula Andress in Dr No wearing the infamous white bikini.

She has to be one of the favourites, the scene (pictured) of her in the white bikini from Dr. No has to be working in her favour. She is also the original first ever Bond girl, and her looks have really stood the test of time.

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Hello and welcome to the megaphone’s new home. This blog is now on the wondrous maintenance free, warm, embracing bosom of I am planning to make some big changes on the old fanboy site, so I have decided the megaphone needed a place of it’s own, it’s a big boy now… so if you used to link to me *cough* Rhys *cough*, please re-direct your links this way.

Normal posting will resume in the next couple of days. So with peace and love… stop sending me fan-mail, I won’t sign it.

Peace and Love


Dwayne Chambers banned from beijing olympics

So it has been all over the news of late that Mr. Dwayne Chambers took drugs to make him run faster than the other people who run fast for a living. He has been punished for doing it, he is not allowed to run in the Beijing Olympics… or any Olympics until he is dead, at which point I imagine he will be pretty crap at running anyway.

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