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John Terry’s massive wages

Posted on: November 13, 2007

So apparently John Terry of Englad and Chelsea footballing fame gets paid a tasty £130,000 a week. The average wage in the UK is something like £23,000 a year. That means, and please excuse my shockingly bad maths skills… 5 years and 8 months to ear what John earns in one week. That’s 2,063 days to earn what he gets in just 7 days.

So today I want to know if you think footballers wages are fair, or do you think they get paid far too much.

I personally think it’s good that they get paid a lot of money, because there is loads of money made from ticket sales and I think it’s good that they get a big portion of that… it is after all the footballers who are entertaining the crowds. A lot of people complain about footballers getting paid too much, but I would much rather they get the money than some guy who wears a suit and smokes cigars rolled on the thighs of virgins all day.

So do you think they get paid fairly or is it ridiculous how much they get paid.

I know I haven’t updated ina while, I have been busy with freelance work and stuff. I have however been posting the random crap I find on my tumblelog. Things like the wonderbra spoof on the Dairy milk ad, which is well worth a watch… for more than one reason. And quotes from the likes of Richard Kelly (director of Donnie Darko) and Bat Pegs, which are ace.

Anyway I apologise for the poor spelling of which I’m sure there are loads as Sarah’s computer doesn’t do a spellcheck as you type and I’m in a rush. So on that note, in the words of Duncan Banatine: I’m out.


4 Responses to "John Terry’s massive wages"

Those who complain are just jealous. They’ve got a talent in a field that pays bucketloads – good on ’em!

I would much rather they get the money than some guy who wears a suit and smokes cigars rolled on the thighs of virgins all day.

Why does it have to be those guys who were a suit and smoke cigars rolled on the thighs of virgins? Why can’t some way be found to pay that money to the hard working people that serve our country? Teachers, firemen, police men, the military and so forth. People that actually make a difference instead of those idiots who go around sexing up women, drink driving and generally making cocks of themselves all because they can kick a ball around a field?

But then I feel the same about politicians and so-called celebrities, so it’s nothing ‘personal’ against footballers.

I love watching football but I disagree. The amount *some* footballers earn is too much, not that I’d prefer the money to go to “some guy who wears a suit and smokes cigars rolled on the thighs of virgins all day” – hah. The money could easily be used to improve pitches/stadiums/facilities…or even work towards the reduction of ticket prices.

@Jem by men in suits who smoke cigars I meant the people behind the scenes of football, not just random business guys in suits. I agree that they are overpaid in comparison to those people who we literally couldn’t live without, but I’d rather them get the money than the guys behind the scenes.

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