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Halloween Costume of Choice

Posted on: October 27, 2008

So it is that time of year again, where it is freakishly dark, even though it still early, this can mean but one thing… the ghosts and monsters are about to show their faces. It’s Halloween (almost). Everyone loves dressing up for parties, or trick or treating… depending on your age and today I want to know what is your Halloween costume of choice.

Shaggy is the one in the green t-shirt

Shaggy is the one in the green t-shirt

Maybe you have a costume you always wear, or maybe you got invited to party at the last minute so you had to just go as that person you already look a bit like. Like maybe you can easily make yourself look like Shaggy not off of Mr Lova Lova mmm, but off of Scooby Doo because you already look like me… I mean him. By the way, what is with that new Scooby Doo where him and Shaggy aren’t completely useless… it’s wack.

Maybe you don’t look a bit like anyone… other than yourself and your mum maybe. So when you get invited at the last minute you have to do that thing where you gets some old (unused) toilet roll and wrap it around yourself like a proper rubbish mummy that looks even more rubbish after walking to the pub in the rain.

So yeah, what is your Halloween costume of choice and or what are you dressing up as this year. Feel free to link to pictures in my spooky Halloween special comment box.


1 Response to "Halloween Costume of Choice"

I’m dressing as Sly Cooper this year. I’ll have to make the cane, his ears, and his tail, but besides that, it’ll look good.

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